About Us

A little background for you, selling printable planners, trackers and organizer logs wasn’t always my goal. I actually started this journey in my personal life after my wife had an emergency surgery and came out of it with memory loss and confusion. Things she used to just know became “when did I do that?” or “have I done that?”. Together we decided I needed to create something that could help her with the new memory gaps she was having. So I made up some simple…crude if I’m being totally honest…sheets she could jot down notes on. The issue came in then keeping track of where she wrote the things down, so I realized we needed to organize and categorize them. The rest as they say is history. We now have a binder that lives on the kitchen counter, a place where everything is altogether with dividers and categories that she can flip to when she needs the little reminder.

We also have printed many of the checklists, like the freezer inventory, and the grocery list, on magnetic sheets, you can find links to those items listed in our Zazzle store. This has made tracking some things super easy as they are dry erase sheets that stick to the freezer or fridge and she can easily “wipe off” or add something to the list as needed.

We also have printed many of the trackers on regular paper and then put the page in a frame with the glass. A dry erase marker will also write and erase off of glass easily so this allows her to hang the tracker logs on the wall and keep track of things like pet feedings or schedules.

Some of the trackers we need more regularly and to keep as a record, so we have those trackers printed in notepad form, also available in the Zazzle store. This helps us keep track of some of the more regular things, like the brain fog tracker and anxiety tracker. It makes it much easier to explain to her doctor when we have appointments on how things are going by being able to show him a log of the month.

I have defiantly made some adjustments since those first crude trackers we started with. I keep the design of the trackers very minimal to save on ink when printing. I invite you explore the Printable Pages by CJY shop as well as the Zazzle store to check out the full range of trackers and organizers we have for instant digital download, so you can print yourself, or preprinted on a dry erase board or notepad.