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Learning Money Printable Book Template

Learning Money Printable Book Template

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Looking for a Learning Money Printable Book? a Kids Money Skills Staple Book? a Educational Children’s Money Workbook? a Coin Identification Activity Booklet? Look no further!

Introducing our "Learning Money Staple Book Printable," the perfect educational resource for teaching children about money management and financial literacy. Designed with engaging illustrations and interactive activities, this printable book is an essential tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to instill valuable money skills in young learners.

With colorful pages featuring coins, bills, and simple explanations, this staple book introduces children to the concept of money in a fun and accessible way. From identifying different coins and bills to understanding their values and learning basic money math, this book covers essential money concepts in a comprehensive yet age-appropriate manner.

Engage children in hands-on learning with interactive activities such as matching coins to their values, counting money, and practicing basic addition and subtraction. With each activity designed to reinforce key money skills, children will develop confidence and competence in managing money from an early age.

Promote critical thinking and decision-making skills as children learn about saving, spending, and budgeting through relatable scenarios and examples. Encourage discussions about wants versus needs, goal-setting, and responsible money habits, setting a solid foundation for financial literacy that will benefit children throughout their lives.

Printable and portable, you can take this staple book with you wherever you go. Whether you're at home, in the classroom, or on the go, turn everyday moments into valuable learning opportunities and empower children to become savvy money managers.

Invest in your child's future with our "Learning Money Staple Book Printable." Start teaching essential money skills today and watch as children develop the confidence and competence they need to make smart financial decisions for life.

Included in this learning to count money staple book are 28 pages:

Pg 1 (to be cut in half) - My Money Book Cover and Penny
Pg 2 (to be cut in half) - Nickel and Dime
Pg 3 (to be cut in half) - Quarter and Half Dollar
Pg 4 (to be cut in half) - One Dollar and Five Dollars
Pg 5 (to be cut in half) - Ten Dollars and Twenty Dollars
Pg 6 (to be cut in half) - Fifty Dollars and One Hundred Dollars
Pg 7 (to be cut in half) - Two Dollars and Cut & Paste Penny
Pg 8 (to be cut in half) - Cut & Paste Nickel and Cut & Paste Dime
Pg 9 (to be cut in half) - Cut & Paste Quarter and Cut & Paste Half Dollar
Pg 10 (to be cut in half) - Cut & Paste Dollar and Cut & Paste Five Dollars
Pg 11 (to be cut in half) - Cut & Paste Ten Dollars and Cut & Paste Twenty Dollars
Pg 12 (to be cut in half) - Cut & Paste Fifty Dollars and Cut & Paste One Hundred Dollars
Pg 13 (to be cut in half) - Cut & Paste Two Dollars & "Way to go! Now you know all about money."
Pg 14 - Cut & Paste pieces for coins
Pg 15 - Cut & Paste pieces for dollars
Pg 16 - 27 - Individual pages with graphics for each type of coin and dollar
Pg 28 - Money Poem

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  • Print the PDF template and write in the information in by hand, or laminate the printed page for repeated use.
  • Upload the digital PDF file to apps like GoodNotes©️ and write directly on the template prior to printing.

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